The Grand Commencement Ceremony of Class 2014 was Held


    At 9 o’clock on June 21st, the commencement ceremony of 2014 was successfully held in the stadium.

    Rui Yongling, the Vice Director of Baodi District, Gao Zhengping, the Vice President of TUFE and President of Pearl River College, Li Lianjun, the Director of Zhouliang County, Wang Yong, the Deputy Director of management committee of Jingjin Xincheng and the chairman of Dicheng Construction Investment Co., Ltd, visiting scholars Xiao Hongye, Zhangjie, the leading members of the college and deans from all departments attended the ceremony. 1771 graduates and parents of some students took part. The ceremony was hosted by Liu Xiufang, the Secretary of Communist Party Committee and Executive Vice President of Pearl River College.

    The ceremony was commenced with the solemn national anthem. On behalf of all graduates, Wang Yue gave an enthusiastic speech, expressing graduates’ gratitude for the college and their future expectations. On behalf of graduates, he also donated a stone with the Chinese character “寸草心”carved on it to express gratitude and blessing for the college. On behalf of the parents of graduates, Wang Yanan expressed his gratitude for the school and acknowledgement on the college’s achievement of talents cultivation.

    After the graduation oath, the Vice President Li Jinliang announced The Resolution on Commending Excellent Graduates, Excellent Graduation Paper Writers and Students Continuing Post Graduate Studies. College leaders and guests sitting on the rostrum awarded the prize to those students.

    In the ceremony President Gao gave an affectionate speech. On behalf of all teaching staff, he expressed warm and sincere congratulations to graduates of class 2014 who have successfully finished their academic work. Having briefly looked back on the achievements of the college and graduates’ progress in the last four years, he posed four earnest expectations to those students who will soon enter the workplace. First, he hoped graduates can be honest, down to earth and practical. Honesty is the basic principle of behaving oneself. Being down to earth is one’s key quality to achieve progress. Being practical is the method and behavioral logic to fulfill one’s dream. Second, he hoped graduates could stick to the principle of proceeding in the right way, which means abiding by certain regulations, doing the right thing and keeping to the basic principle of behaving oneself. Third, he hoped graduates could have a positive and optimistic attitude toward life. Whatever the circumstance is, we should be modest, gentle, flexible, positive, calm and sensible. Fourth, he hoped graduates could form the habit of study for the whole life. In the end, he wished all have a wonderful life.

    With the passionate music, leaders of the college and guests presented diplomas to graduates. President Gao Zhengping, Executive Vice President Liu Xiufang and deans from all departments presented Bachelor Degree Certificates and took pictures with graduates.

    At 11 o’clock, the commencement ceremony of 2014 has been successfully concluded.

The ceremony site

Executive Vice President hosted the ceremony.

Wang Duoyue, on behalf of graduates delivered a speech.

Graduates donated a stone for gratitude.

Wang Yanan, on behalf of graduates’ parents delivered a speech.


Vice President Li Jinliang announced the awarding resolution

Excellent graduates were awarded.

President Gao delivered a speech.

Diplomas were granted.

Bachelor’s degree were granted