2014 Farewell Party Was Held for the Student Volunteer Serving in Western China


    Youth League Committee of the college held a 2014 farewell party for the volunteer of the west program in conference room of Hongyi building at 10 a.m. June 27th. Vice President of the college Li Jinliang, Vice Minister of Ministry of Wang Zhenjie, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League Ji Lijuan, Li Dongjie from student affairs office and school counselors from accounting department attended the farewell party, and Li dongjie hosted the party.

    Due to the wide publicity given by the Student Affairs Ministry, 13 graduates signed up. After official review, written examination, interview, physical examination ,psychological test and other multiple selection, Chen Taihu of class 1016 accounting department won the 2014 volunteer qualification.

    On the farewell party, Mr Li Dongjie firstly introduced the basic situation of the recruitment of volunteer program. Then student Chentaihu who would volunteer in western region expressed his sincere appreciation for the cultivation of the college, and indicated he would be down to earth and do his best as a volunteer. Meanwhile, though he knew the living circumstance in Tibet is quite difficult, with the belief of the school motto, he would strive to make an achievement as a volunteer and win honor for our college.

    Vice president of the college Lijinliang delivered a speech. Firstly on behalf of the College he congratulated Chen Taihu. Also, he pointed out that, Chen Taihu responded to the call of the country to actively participate in the west program, which indicated the high sense of responsibility of a contemporary young man for the national development, national rejuvenation. He proposed three pieces of advice for Chentaihu as his expectation and blessing. First “ Familiar with the work as soon as possible; Apply the professional knowledge , skills and intelligence into the practical job maximally ; Try to make achievements in the position and win honor for the college.” Second “In view of the hard working and living conditions in western region, Chen should take care himself in basic necessities of life .”  Third “Chen can keep in touch with college, and at the same time, the college will always concern about his situation. College will be his solid backup. ”