The manager of Avantia Consulting Co., Ltd. visited the Pearl River College


    On the afternoon of June 27th, 2014, Mr. Ishii Yujiro, manager of Avantia Consulting Co., Ltd., visited the Department of Foreign Languages and had a pleasant discussion on the training of Japanese major students with Professor Wang Yong, deputy dean of the Department.

    Mr. Ishii Yujiro showed his gratitude to the College for recommending Hua Xueyong, an outstanding graduate, to his company. He thought highly of the talent-cultivation approach of the College and expected to further cooperate with the College in the future.

    Professor Wang Yong extended a warm welcome to Mr. Ishii Yujiro and his colleagues. He introduced in detail the unique talent-cultivation mode of “language ability + finance knowledge”.

    They also reached a primary intent of further cooperation in the respects of internship programs and textbook materials.

    The meeting is a successful example for sophisticated management and serves to create more jobs for the graduates.

    With its headquarters located in Tokyo, Avantia Consulting Co., Ltd. is one of the best-known financial consulting companies in Japan, ranking 20th among about 200 companies of the kind. Established in August 2011, its Tianjin branch mainly provides service for some big Japanese companies in China. With cultivating professional accounting personnel as its development goal, the company is famous for its sound judgment and quick response in the industry.