The Opening Ceremony of New School Year for Freshmen in 2014 was Held


    On September 6th, 2014, hosted by the Executive Vice President Liu Xiufang, the opening ceremony of new school year for freshmen was held in the stadium. Rui Yongling, the Vice Director of Baodi District, Wang Zhengfang, the chairman of Guangdong Pearl River Education Group and chairman of Pearl River College, Zhang Zhenguo, the chairman of Jiuyuan Industrial Zone of Guangdong Pearl River Investment Corporation and chairman of Jade Buddhist Palace management company, Wang Zhilin, the secretary of Communist Party Committee of Zhouliang County, Wangyong, the Deputy Director of management committee of Jingjin Xincheng and Cao Liandong, the Deputy General Manager of Education and Healthcare Department of Pearl River Investment Corporation have been invited to the ceremony. Some visiting professors and experts, the leading body of the college and the parents of some new students all attended the ceremony.

    At 9 o’clock, the ceremony was commenced with the national anthem. The president of student union Guo Wen presented a speech on behalf of all students to show sincere welcome to new comers. Executive Vice President Liu Xiufang announced The Resolution of Commending Excellent New Students. 668 students of the freshmen, who had higher marks in College Entrance Examination, were awarded as excellent students. Guests sitting on the rostrum presented them with certificates and scholarships.

    Lang Hongchao, a new student from experimental class delivered a speech on behalf of all freshmen. He held that all the new students should keep the good tradition of Pearl River College, bear the school motto of “Diligence, wisdom, virtue and ambition” in mind, put our knowledge into practice and keep social morality as well as master the ability of creation,abide by college regulations, respect teachers, be friendly with classmates, be strict with ourselves and be a qualified college student. Liu Yanmei, on behalf of parents of all freshmen, gave a speech on parents’ effort for the development of the college and joining hands to support students’ growth.

    In succession of new students’ oath, President Gao Zhengping presented a speech on behalf of the college. After a brief welcome, he looked back on the achievement in the last eight years since the establishment of out college and put forward four suggestions to new comers. First is adaptation and adjustment to college life. Whether on study or life, college and high school are two different stages. Hopefully, students can adapt to new way of life as soon as possible, think independently, live independently and develop an independent personality. Second is setting up goals and properly plan our life. From a famous experiment in Harvard University, Gao asked students to have own life plan and ambition which is both extensive and concrete, high and conceivable. Third is being diligent in thinking and learning from the good. Students should form the habit and ability of thinking, not only on studies but also on life and future. On every crossroad of our life, we must make a right decision. Fourth is being down to earth and improving ability. He said that goals could be achieved with actions and so did abilities. Hopefully the young generation students can own abilities of “6+1”and with ambition, morality, knowledge and discipline in Pearl River College. Gao’s wonderful speech was well received with warm applause. 

    After the opening ceremony, various student clubs presented freshmen a spectacular theatrical performance. 

Executive Vice President Liu Xiufang hosted the ceremony

Guo Wen, on behalf of all students delivered a speech.

Excellent new students were awarded.

Lang Hongchao, on behalf of new students delivered a speech.

Parent representative delivered a speech. 

New students’ oath 

President Gao delivered a speech. 

Spectacular Performance

The ceremony site