Fruitful Salon of Prestigious Guest Professors at the Outset of This Semester


    On September 6th, 2014, five prestigious guest professors of our college gathered around to open up an animated discussion on ‘How to view China's economic growth’ at Hongyi Lecture Hall. The salon was hosted by Gao Zhengping, the president of the college. Present at the salon were honorable guests, including Ms. Rui Yongling, Deputy Director of Tianjin Baodi District, Mr. Wang Zhengfang, chairman of the board of Guangdong Pearl River Education Group, Mr. Wang Zhilin ,  Party secretary of Zhou Liang Town, Mr. Cao Liandong, deputy manager of Guangdong Pearl River Investment Co. Ltd., school executives Liu Xiufang, Li Jinliang, Li Jinshan, Shi Chongyu as well as student representatives from Experimental Class, Department of Finance and Department of International Economics and Trade.

    President Gao initiated the Salon by stating the economic growth and the employment of students. He also mentioned the severe situation in economic development and the economic conditions during the first half. Professor Zhang Jie chose some hot words on economic growth to introduce and carried on a detailed explanation. Then, he put forward his point of view: China's economy has not yet entered the "normal growth". Whether the economy is hot or cold mainly relies on government’s macro-control. Professor Gao Peiyong proposed another hot term, i.e. ‘ the new normal’, and remarked that we must understand it and adapt to it by following the rules. From the perspective of the corporate research, Professor Wu Shinong presented it is an irresistible law that China’s rapid economic development will surly achieve ‘the new normal’, in accordance with the theory of the industrial product cycle curve. Professor Xiao Hongye analyzed how to understand ‘the economic growth’ and ‘the quality growth’, pointing out that the core of the quality growth is the employment. Based on the preceding explanations, Professor Pang Jinju summarized it is a progress in both theoretical and practical work to transform the emphasis from economic growth to economic development. Afterward, the students actively interacted with the professors with some questions. The professors enthusiastically answered questions and encouraged students to cherish the good learning environment and study diligently to become elites. 

    President Gao Zhengping concluded by pointing out that the five professors not only elaborated their academic point of views, but also advised the students on college life and study, which is worth using for reference. He hoped the strong interest in economics can be aroused and the thinking and exploring can be triggered among students.

    The salon has created a good academic atmosphere on campus and helped the students have a better understanding on the current economic conditions, which facilitates their academic study and future development. Meanwhile, it is also a vivid lesson for freshmen to appreciate the master’s wisdom, so that their interest in professional knowledge has been stimulated.

The honorable guests, school leaders, teachers and students wereattending the Salon

The Prestigious Guest Professors were presenting their views

Students were interacting with the professors