First Lecture to 2014 Freshmen by President Gao Zhengping


    At 10 AM on September 16th, the first lecture to new students in 2014 has been successfully presented by Gao Zhengping, the Vice President of TUFE and President of TUFE Pearl River College. Deputy Party Secretary Duan Jianxin, all the student counselors and all the freshmen took part. The lecture was hosted by Zhou Yuan, the Director of Student Affairs Department.

    In the lecture, President Gao comprehensively introduced majors, future prospects and environment of our college. He also put forward some suggestions and requirements to new students in terms of learning strategies and book lists. From the enrollment of new students this year, the graduates’ employment in the last three years, teaching staff, basic rules and norms, the construction of infrastructure and the introduction to Baodi District, where our college is located, Gao gave an all-around introduction, in which he stressed on the eight features of our college: English teaching on various levels, experimental class for students with higher marks, students’ changing majors on special terms, dual degree course, workshops on specific fields, new students orientation on majors, courses for exams of vocational qualification and job market oriented approach of cultivating talents.

    Three characteristics have been summarized by Gao on college life, namely, different learning approach, being self-dependent and various and free choices made, based on which he also gave students five suggestions about how to live and cherish the colorful life in college. First, we should set up the right value, which was just like doing the first button of our life. This simile was originated from President Xi Jinping’s speech on the Youth Day in 2014, when Xi had an informal discussion with students and teaching staff of Beijing Normal University. He compared the forming of youth’s value to buttoning up. If the first button of one’s clothes was done wrong, so would be the others. Therefore, the button of one’s life should be done right from the beginning. President Gao also introduced nine codes of conduct, that is, patriotism, selflessness, integrity, diligence, frugality, courage, candidness, modesty and piety. Second, we college students should focus on study, be diligent on learning and thinking as well as read widely. We should cherish the learning opportunity, love our majors and read extensively and critically. Third, we should be a sensible student to stipulate our personal development plan. Success comes from planning and great effort. Fourth, we should be calm and mild, avoiding impatience and impulsion. Gao showed some methods on keeping diary, keeping reading notes, writing letters and doing public welfare. Having a mental dialogue with ourselves can keep us calm. Fifth, we should be a cultivated person since a good breeding is more important than knowledge. If we have got it, our life quality will be improved and thus we will feel it meaningful. 

    President Gao’s lecture is helpful for freshmen to adapt to new life in college and the role as a student in Pearl River college. It is also beneficial for them to be guided in their studies and lives in the following years. It is no doubt that his speech has laid a solid foundation regarding life goals for all new comers.

President Gao was giving the lecture

Students were listening carefully