Tianjin’s first “Home of Hearts” settled in the Pearl River College


On September 21st, 2014, the launch ceremony of a platform, hosted by the Youth Development Center of China's Communist Youth League, was held in Beijing. The platform mainly concerns the mental health of China’s young people. During the ceremony, Mr. Liu Hao, Secretary-General of the project of Psychological Education, announced that Tianjin’s first “Home of Hearts” would settle in the Pearl River College.

    Dong huijuan, dean of the Center of Psychological Education, attended the ceremony and gave a lecture on the subject of crisis intervention to the directors of the “Home of Hearts” coming from all parts of China.
    As a core project in China, the platform of “Home of Hearts” aims to promote public interest and offers service to those who need it. The service it offers includes legal service, psychological counseling, behavior guide, emergency assistance, support and donation, etc.

    At present there are 112 “Homes of Hearts” all over China. As the first “Home of Hearts” in Tianjin, the Pearl River College plans to organize a variety of activities to provide mental care for those who need it. The activities will be in different forms such as salons, lectures and summer camps.
    The platform will also function as a way to improve the mental health of the students of the College. The “Home of Hearts” now not only has a few research centers of different purposes, but it also provides the students with various forms for mental care such as pressure-outlet rooms and hypnosis chambers.