Report Performance and Commendatory Meeting of 2014 Military Training


    The report performance and commendatory meeting of 2014 was held in the stadium on September 24th, 2014. The school board and the military leaders attended the meeting which was presided by Mr. Duan Jianxin, deputy Party-Secretary of the College.

    The meeting began with the nation anthem. The parade shouted the slogans out loud and marched forward with confidence when being reviewed. There were a variety of performances, including military boxing, pattern show, and special action, which brought the meeting to a climax.

    After the performance, Mr. Li Jianhang, Party-Secretary of the College, granted the awards to the individuals and the teams. Professor Gao Zhengping, president of the College, presented pennants to the military trainers.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Xue Fumin extended his congratulations on the great success of the military training and expressed his gratitude to the College. He pointed out that it was the discipline and the responsibility presented by the freshmen that ensured the success of the military training. He hoped that the students could be motivated by the spirit of the soldiers. He emphasized that the military training served as a platform where the college and the army could learn from each other.

    Ms. Liu Xiufang,Executive vice president of the College, also addressed the students. She extended congratulations on the success of the military training and expressed gratitude to those who organized and took part in this activity. In addition, Ms. Liu put forward three demands to the freshmen. First, pass on the message of the military training. The students should be strict with themselves in every aspect of their life. Second, consolidate the achievement. The students should make contribution to building a harmonious campus. Third, turn theory into practice. The students should always remember the school motto and try to become qualified college students.

    The report performance and commendatory meeting of 2014 came to a successful end with the Song of the PLA. And it is believed that the military training will help the freshmen to adapt themselves to college life.