Encouraging Patriotic Zeal, Imagining Iridescent Life


    On the afternoon of September 26th, the launching ceremony of ‘Encouraging Patriotic Zeal, Imagining Iridescent Life’ was held by Student Affairs Department in Hongyi lecture hall, in serial commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Present at the ceremony were all teachers from Student Affairs Department, including Li Dongjie, the Vice Director of Military Department, Ji Lijuan and Li Hui, Secretaries of the League Branch as well as student representatives, with Wang Huijuan, Vice Director of Student Affairs Department being the MC.

    The ceremony started with an inspiring song, ‘Nation’. Minister Wang read out the announcement on a series of activities to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, elaborating on the content, the schedule and the specific arrangements of all the activities. She also proposed some requirements on the this event. Then, the Chairman of Student Union, Guowen, read out the proposal of the event, initiating all students to love the motherland and bear in mind our mission. She called on all the students to earnestly study and implement the spirit of  important speeches delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and to further practicing the socialist core values. Meanwhile, the students were encouraged to imagine an iridescent life and create a beautiful Chinese dream. Afterward, the student representative, Zhang Xiaofan, made a presentation by sharing her profound understandings of these activities, which appealed to the youth to practice the socialist core values and advocated for everyone’s contribution to the college and the motherland as well. Finally, the teacher representative, Ji Lijuan, detailedly interpreted the system of socialist core values and briefly explained all these activities. In addition, she stressed that, in the future, the focus of moral education is to guide the students to deeply understand, establish and practice the socialist core values.

    Subsequently, different theme activities will be carried out: the movie shows on the theme of ‘Encouraging Patriotic Zeal, Imagining Iridescent Life’, hosted by the Communist Youth League; the Chorus Competition on the theme of ‘singing the songs for dreams, singing songs of revolution’, hosted by Accounting Department and the Experimental Class; the  knowledge contest on the theme of ‘memorizing the bygone days, competing in Communist Party knowledge’, hosted by Management Department and International Trade Department; the painting activity on the theme of ‘painting a wonderful life, flying a great dream’, hosted by Foreign Language Department and Art Department.

    The launching ceremony was held successfully, presenting a clear focus of the work in this semester. Not only did it point out the direction for students’ activities, but it also stimulated students to actively respond to the series of activities.


The event was presided over by Wang Huijuan, the Vice Minister of Student Affairs Department

The Chairman of Student Union was delivering a speech

The student representative was delivering a speech

The teacher representative was delivering a speech

 The site of the launching ceremony