Wang Xinrui, Graduate of Perl River College in 2014, Won the Award of ‘ Best Thesis in Tianjin’


    Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission released the result of ‘the Fifth Outstanding Graduate Design (Thesis) of Tianjin Regular Institutions of Higher Education " . The dissertation written by Wang Xinrui was awarded as ‘ municipal outstanding graduation thesis’. Wang was a student from the Department of Hotel and Tourism Management, who has graduated from our college this summer. His dissertation, instructed by Zhang Yinan was named ‘The Research on Interior facilities and the layout of Tianjin Saixiang Hotel’.  This marks another achievement of our college made in practice teaching  in recent years.

    The graduation thesis (Design) is the last assignment students submit during the period of college, which is a comprehensive application of the knowledge and skills acquired in four-year’s study. The award winner, Wang Xinrui, is an outstanding graduate, who once studied hard with excellent academic performance and actively participated in research activities.

    Over the years, our college has been attaching great importance to the work of graduation thesis (design). Many initiatives have been taken to improve the quality of undergraduates’ these, such as the establishment and improvement of the quality standards and quality monitoring system, strengthening process management as well as supervision and inspection. All these measures guarantee a steady improvement in the quality of graduation thesis (design).