Professor Qiudong gave an academic lecture


    Distinguished Visiting Professor and well-known scholar Professor Qiu Dong made an excellent academic lecture in the conference hall 0f Hongyi building for the teachers and students of our college in the afternoon of October 20, 2014. The lecture was hosted by the Dean of educational administration Shi chongyu. Minister of the educational administration Zhi Yucheng, deputy director from Department of Statistics Shen Ming and other relevant leaders, teachers and students attend the lecture. 

    Based on the title “Big data—the social change behind the development of digital  technology.”Professor Qiu gave a profound interpretation of the “big data” from the social economic and philosophical point of view. The lecture started with the three topics: the opposite attitudes towards the relationship between science and philosophy, the awe to knowledge and the reconsideration of positives and negatives, which led to the theme of the lecture. The lecture illustrated three main problems: first, a meta problem caused by big data; Second, the analysis of demand and supply of big data; Third "data" dictatorship — the problem of moral hazard brought by data.

    In the lecture ,Professor Qiu, citing familiar examples from social life, profoundly explained the “bid data” theory with simple language, which fully presented the charisma of a senior professor, and won the roars of applause from time to time. Professor Qiu’s unique insights and wonderful lecture made the teachers and students have a new and rational understanding of the pros and cons of “big data” and benefit them a lot.

    The Dean Mr Shichongyu highly summarized and evaluated the lecture with the words “concise and comprehensive”, and expressed his sincere appreciation to professor Qiu.