2014 “The Month of Study Style Construction” Activity— student forum was held successfully


    The launching ceremony of Study style Construction activity was held on campus in Room 321, Hongyi building in the afternoon of October 29, 2014. Professor Zhang Panming, Professor Li Yingshu both from the supervising group, Ms Mao yaqiong, chief of educational management department, Ms Feng Xihua chief of competition Department and over 60 faculty members, student representatives attended the meeting.

    The meeting, hosted by Ms Mao Yaqiong, included two parts. At first, Student Zhou wenzhe, made a thorough introduction of the “Study Style Construction” activity, and announced the activity officially started, with the theme of “learn to strengthen willpower; learn to conduct oneself; learn to correct behavior”. Then the student forum was held. Students of different majors took the floor. They raised a lot of practical problems related to credit setting, minor subject management, and course arrangement of each semester. After carefully listening, teachers explained the problems respectively. At the end of the meeting, supervising expert group leader professor Zhang panming made conclusions and expressed his hope. He said college students should give priority to study, reasonably arrange the spare time to improve oneself consistently. And also students should pay attention to the development of our college, and make their own efforts to build the college.   

    This activity offers valuable and referential suggestions to college teaching management work. Department of educational administration will resolve the problems presented by the student on the meeting one by one, and promote the educational management work. 

    In the month study style construction, department of educational administration will carry out a series of activities. They hope all the teachers and students can actively participate and push the work of study style construction to a new height.