“Productive Youth and Entrepreneurship in PRC”-- Lectures on Entrepreneurship Held in Pearl River College


(Contributed by Employment Guidance Center)

    To enrich our students’ knowledge about entrepreneurship and promote the relevant skills, at 14:00 on November 12th, 2014, the Entrepreneurship Theme Lecture, co-sponsored by the Employment Guidance Center and Sailing Career Development Studio, was successfully held in Room 208 of the new Shangshan Building. Liang Ru-chun, the Deputy Director of the Employment Guidance Center, chaired the lecture, with Hou Lei, Pei Yan-chun, the respective head of the Training Department and the Policy Coordination Department in Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and Chen Yan, the founder of Tianjin Alyson Beth Cultural Communication Co. LTD. More than 200 students from different majors attended the lecture.

    The lecture began with Mr. Liang Ru-chun’s enthusiastic opening speech and followed by two segments “personal entrepreneurial experience sharing” and “Tianjin entrepreneurship policy” in turn. Entitled “My Entrepreneurship Dreams---An Entrepreneur’s Nitpicking”, Mr. Chen Yan spoke first and introduced his own growing and entrepreneurial experiences. Aimed at the question “what kind of person is suitable for entrepreneurship,” he then conducted analysis with examples to make students clear about the basic qualities that an entrepreneur should possess from 11 key words. In explaining “how to find a suitable project for entrepreneurship”, “what are the problems and solutions in its process” and other issues, Mr. Chen illustrated that entrepreneurship is a brave choice and needs enough courage to face difficulties and challenges, in which the success can be harvested.

    Next, Mr. Pei Yan-chun made a comprehensive and detailed explanation on the relevant policies that was formulated by Tianjin Education Commission to encourage college students to start a business.

    Through the wonderful speeches made by the two guests, the students have got a meticulous and comprehensive understanding of the information on entrepreneurship, promoted their entrepreneurial zeal and also experienced the difficulties and hardship in starting business. They will, therefore, treat the entrepreneurship objectively and make a discreet choice about it.

    The successful lecture marks the kick-off of our first Entrepreneurial Elite Training Camp, namely the first Entrepreneurship Competition. Through a series of activities targeting the students’ innovative entrepreneurship education, such as the entrepreneurship training courses, entrepreneurship salon, outward training, venture evaluation, policy explanation, and so on, the students’ consciousness and practical skills on the entrepreneurship have been cultivated, their competitiveness and creativity have been improved and students with entrepreneurial intention towards entrepreneurship have been encouraged in order to finally create more employment opportunities. Finally, best wishes for the success of a series of activities entitled “Promising Youth Starting Business in Pearl River College”.
Mr. Chen Yan was telling about his entrepreneurial journey.

    Mr. Pei Yan-chun was explaining the entrepreneurship policy.