Tong Yun-huan, Guest Professor, Lectured on Teachers and Students


(Contributed by Teaching Affairs Office)

    On the afternoon of November 12th, 2014, in Lecture Hall, Hongyi Building, Mr. Tong Yun-huan, the professor, doctoral supervisor of the School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University and guest professor of Pearl River College lectured on Quality of Management Personnel and Management Thinking, with Mr. Zhi Yu-cheng, director of Teaching Affairs Office, being the MC. And the audience was composed of executives, teachers and students from School of Management.

    At first, Professor Tong talks about talents training goal and points out that the purpose of talents training goal is connected with society although different universities have various training levels. The ultimate goal of Pearl River College is to cultivate the excellent working personnel. What’s more, Mr. Tong introduces the social requirements for the quality of management personnel. He says: “a management personnel has to acquire a great amount of knowledge, excellent capability and good characters. If the students meet the above requirements, they may be the good employees in the professional field. ” He emphasizes that the knowledge, ability, character and wisdom are the elements of global business abilities. An excellent manager should have the following characters and things: such as: courage, confidence, perseverance, leadership, team sprits, responsibility, obligation, scientific thinking, objective thinking, systematical thinking and dynamic thinking. In addition, he also mentions the wisdom of Chinese management, which makes the teachers and students comprehend the profound culture. At last, he interacts with the teachers and students and compares the requirements of development between Tsinghua University and Pearl River College, which helps students make better professional plans.

    Although the remarks of lecture are simple, it conveys the profound philosophy. The teachers and students benefit a lot from the thought-provoking and enlightening lecture.

    Professor Tong delivers the lecture.

    The teachers and students attend the lecture