Lecture on Socialist Core Values


(Contributed by Party Committee Office)

    In the afternoon of Nov. 27, 2014, Professor Yang Qian from Nankai University delivered a lecture on “A Deep Insight into Socialist Core Values---Credibility Spirit and Credibility Society”. She is the dean of Basic Principles of Marxism Department and a doctoral supervisor.

    Present at the lecture were Mr. Li Xiaopeng and Mr. Zhang Yongfeng, executives of Pearl River College, as well as teachers and students, with Vice-president Li Xiaopeng being the MC.

    This lecture consisted of three parts: the basic meanings of socialist core values, the manifestations and reasons for credibility loss in the modern society, and credibility spirit and credibility society. It started from the origin and the development of socialist core values. Then, it presented deep insights into the “Three Proposals”, which contains twenty four characters. The focus was on individual credibility.

    The lecture expounded the characterizations and harms of credit loss, analyzed the reasons and corresponding measures, and demonstrated how to construct credit spirit and a credible society. There are many classic literatures on credit in our traditional culture, she said. In order to construct a modern credible society, we need a complete system of laws and regulations and a well-functioning supervision organization, which involves the joint efforts from government, society as well as every individual. Finally, Professor Yang made an appeal to all the people present to do it at once, and to contribute our fair share in the construction of a credible society.

    Vice-president Li Xiaopeng made a conclusion. As he put it, we are very grateful for the wonderful lecture by Professor Yang. It is enlightening and helps us get a deeper understanding of socialist core values. Our college will make good use of this lecture and carry out a series of educational activities. He also hoped that every one of us should carry out the socialist core values, namely “patriotic, dedicated, trustworthy, and friendly”.

The lecture was hosted by Vice-president Li Xiaopeng.

Professor Yang Qian

Vice-president Li Xiaopeng commented on the lecture.

Picture taken during the lecture