Two More Students of Japanese Major Dispatched to Japan on Exchange Program


(Contributed by Foreign Languages Department)

    The first group of exchange students came back from Japan in 2013. And this year, another two students of Japanese major were sent to Reitaku University on an exchange program, and they would stay in Japan for one year. They are Zhou Xuewen from Class 1109 and Chang Yuanyuan from Class 1110.

    Before this trip, they had accumulated a wealth of experience from the former exchange students, particularly in selecting courses, completing assignments, collecting materials for papers and experiencing Japanese culture. The first-hand information facilitated their trip and clarified their learning purpose.

    The deans of Foreign Languages Department pointed out that the emphases should be put on international horizon and the cultivation of practical abilities, which was in accordance with the newly modified training program and syllabus of our college.

    The Foreign Languages Department also plans to expand the exchange program with Japan, and thus create more opportunities for the students to pursue their dreams.