English (International Business)

This department aims at training students with the knowledge of English linguistics, western culture and society and foreign trade, and at the same time skilled in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. Students are also required to master the basic theory of international trade and ability to handle international trade affairs and to use professional business language.
The graduates are expected to undertake foreign business and trade affairs independently. They can seek job opportunities in institutions of international business and economics management, trade corporations, institutions involved in foreign interest, foreign enterprises, foreign banks, multinational corporations, international organizations, international business and economics department of large enterprises, science and research institutions, etc.
Core courses: English Interpretation, English Translation, Fundamental English, Advanced English, Auditory & Oral English, Translation Theory & Practice, English Literature & History, International Business English, International Finance, Theory & Practice on International Trade, Oral English in Business Negotiation, Cross-cultural Communication, Cambridge Business English, Business English Writing, International Marketing, International Law, Practice on International Communication, Selected Reading of Financial Publication, Finance (bilingual), Macro & Micro Economics.
Japanese (Business Japanese)
Characterized by business Japanese, this department aims at training students to be skilled in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating and meantime acquainted with the knowledge of economics and trade, finance, accounting, etc. Students mainly acquire knowledge and skills related with Japanese linguistics, literature, politics, economics, history, social culture, etc. They are required to master the basic skills necessary in dealing with foreign affairs, foreign trade and the three-funded enterprises, and the quality to undertake the translating work. The graduates are expected to participate in the field of international economy and trade, financing and insurance, accounting, etc.
Core courses: Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Oral Japanese, Japanese Listening, Japanese Writing, Advanced Japanese, Translation Theory & Practice, Introduction of Japan, Japanese Literature & History, Oral Japanese in Business Negotiation, Selected Reading of Financial Publication, Auditory & Oral Japanese, Second Language (English), Comparison between Chinese & Japanese Cultures, Introduction to Japanese Economy, Japanese Business Correspondence, Introduction to Foreign Trade, International Economic Cooperation, Foreign Trade Practice, International Finance, Accounting, Management Science, etc.